Hierro Forjado / Taller Flamenco - Flamenco instruction and performance in Houston
Alexandra was born and raised in the multicultural environment of tropical Venezuela. Since she was a child she was taught both the importance of acquiring a good education and the value of the arts. Throughout her childhood and early teens she took ballet and tap lessons, and became proficient in playing the cuatro (Venezuelan string instrument, studied for 4 years) and the piano (studied for 6 years).
Alex was never interested in sports: at age 15 (after much insistence) she was taken out of her tennis lessons and taken to Tatiana Reyna’s Flamenco Academy, where she discovered and fell in love with flamenco. She soon worked her way through the different levels and in the year 2000 she became part of the Compañía Profesional de Baile Tatiana Reyna. From the year 2000 to 2006 she trained and performed with the company in local restaurants and theaters. During this time she had the opportunity to study under many outstanding professionals, such as Helena Pachón (Spain), Daniela Tugues (Venezuela) and Anita Loynaz (Venezuela). She later was invited to participate in numerous performances in Caracas with Anita Loynazʼs Dance Company. During those 6 years she was also a flamenco instructor at Tatiana Reyna’s Dance Academy and taught this powerful dance to over 300 students. Aside from dancing, Alex always had a strong intellectual drive: in 2005 she obtained her Doctorate Degree in Human Population Genetics from the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research.
In 2006 Alex moved to the city of Houston where she continued to teach flamenco and perform. From 2006 to 2008 she danced with La Esencia Flamenca Dance Company. During 2008-2009, she co-directed Soniquete Flamenco Dance Company together with Ana de la Peza, performing in numerous venues from restaurants (Rioja, Mi Luna, Andalucía) and art galleries (The ARTery, MFAH) to the prestigious Jones Hall in the heart of the Theater District of Houston. Today she is a freelance dancer with a new independent project: Hierro Forjado, and continues teaching and maturing as a flamenco dancer by taking workshops with artists like Belén Maya, Sergio "El Javi", Adela Campallo, Timo Lozano, Antonio Vargas, Antonio Granjero, Estefanía Ramirez, Pilar Ogalla, Ana Romero, Concha Jareño, Eva Encinias, Olga Marcioni “La China”, Domingo Ortega, Vanesa Coloma and Olga Pericet. Alex has also made strides in her scientific career: she is a Tenure Track Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at the University of St Thomas.
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